Another Arch Building Proven In the Snow

Another customer satisfied with their Arch Building. Mr. Englesby sent us photos of his 12′ Wide x 20’x Long x 12′ High S model arch building. The building is holding snow with no signs of buckling. This kind of excellent craftsmanship is exactly what we offer here at Arch Buildings. Our structures have been used by the military, commercial industries,a nd of course residential purposes all throughout the United States. If you’ve traveled and know anything bout construction, that requires a lot of engineering.

The skinny of the matter is that our arch design is state of the art. It’s built to be able to withstand pretty much anything mother nature can throw at it. If the specifications we list aren’t enough, stronger options are available. It’s important to speak with a building advisor to best determine your needs. The S model as depicted below is the “Sportsman” model. As is the case with all three of our building models, the S-series is made of Galvalume steel and comes backed with a 35 year steel warranty, ensuring that you will be happy with the building materials in your kit and that they will last you for years to come.

Our arch building kits include all the pieces and hardware you need to build your building yourself, and we also throw in a handy construction manual that will walk you through the process, step-by-step. The manual also includes helpful hints and tips to make your steel structure sturdier and easier to install. Plenty of optional add-ons like doors, windows, end walls and service doors are available. We can also provide you with engineered building plans should you need them for permit purposes, so please inquire with your sales representative during the purchase process!

The Arch Buildings Guarantee

We know you’ll be satisfied with your arch building kit, much like our customer Mr. Englesby. The above photo is a testament to the strength and durability of our structures, and with our 35 year steel warranty you can bet that he’ll have a photo like this every winter for years to come. The arch is a structure that has demanded it’s utility all throughout history in every manner of construction. Whether it’s a structure or a vehicle the arch will appear in the design at some point. If you’re interested in our structures please call in and speak to a building advisor, or peruse our website to learn more about our options. Whatever your storage needs, you’ll be happy with an arch building. Just look at Mr. Englesby’s structure.

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