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The internet hasn’t been around for all that long. It’s involvement in our day to day lives has grown exponentially with the advent of email, social media, and now video live streaming. It’s astonishing to think that as a species we went from sending paper on horseback to watching the live feed from the space station on our phones.

Arch Buildings has been around for a long time, but we never rode horses to work. Even still, before the internet was a common resource we all know and shared our business was different. We would have customers confused about what their building would look like, and ask a myriad of questions about different configurations only to still feel dissatisfied. Now, we have our online arch builder.

How to Use the Arch Builder

First, click on the change button to input your zip code.

zip code for online builder

Then, input your zip code into the form and click submit zip code.

Second, click on the style & size tab. Here you can select A, S, or Q styles as well as the Width x Peak Height. The image on the right side of the builder will change depending on what you select.

Scroll down to select frame length and steel gauge. Click on the green button or the next tab to move forward to ends.

The ends section will allow you to select your end wall configuration. Select whether your want your walls open, closed, frame-outs, or doors. You can choose sizes of doors and windows in the next tab.

The Doors & Windows allows you to pick your…Doors & Windows!

You can select your generic or standard plans (determined by permit requirements in your area), whether or not you want anchoring and what type, and then add your building to your cart.

It’s important to watch the right side of the builder, where all your changes will be displayed. This allows you to design your building to your exact preferences. If you need more custom options, call in to speak with a building advisor to determine whether or not they’re possible. If you wish to return to your building at a later date, or speak with a building advisor about it, you can use the BUILD-ID at the bottom of the right side of the builder.


Arch Buildings

With decades of manufacturing experience and thousands of satisfied metal building customers, Arch Building’s history has a proven track record of high quality construction, versatile uses, and great customer service. Join the growing list of residential buyers, commercial businesses, and government agencies who trust our brand. We ship buildings as small as 10′ wide to 200′ wide around the world. If you don’t see the building you are looking for using our BuildID system, simply give us a call and we will get you a quote in minutes. Our non-pressure sales people are highly trained to make this a great experience. Thank you for considering a metal structure from

If the builder is not your speed, feel free to call in.

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