Arch Buildings Weather the Storm

After a February full of record setting high temperatures across much of the nation, the worst winter storm of the season is beginning to make its presence felt in the northeast United States. Protect your car and other property from the worst of seasonal weather with one of our steel arch buildings.

weather the storm with arch buildings

Winter’s Worst Snowstorm Imminent

The headlines for Monday are being dominated by one single subject – the massive winter storm front that will pound the northeast over the next two days. Severe winds and snowfall accumulation has been predicted for areas from Maine to North Carolina. New York City is preparing for more than 20″¬†of snowfall, with schools already cancelling Tuesday classes. Boston and other parts of Massachusetts are also bracing for the worst of the winter season with an estimated two feet of snowfall expected in some areas.

Many airports are experiencing heavy delays and cancellations as a result of the storm, as more than 4,000 scheduled flights have already been scrapped. Travel warnings have been issued for states along the East coast including New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington, DC. Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City and President Donald Trump also warned residents to take the impending blizzard seriously, to stay safe, and to listen to officials. This major winter storm system strikes just a week before the official start of spring, marking the end of an unusually warm but unpredictable winter season.

Remaining in a safe, warm location during a blizzard or other severe winter storm is always the safest option. Driving in snowy, icy, or otherwise hazardous conditions can put your safety and the safety of others at risk. Protecting yourself and your property should be a priority during inclement weather. The best way to do that is to avoid driving in hazardous conditions altogether, and to park your car in one of our high-quality steel arch buildings to protect it from harsh winter weather.

Arch Buildings: Perfect for any Season

Here at Arch Buildings, we offer a wide variety of steel arch buildings for whatever purpose you may need. Our arch buildings are perfect for garages, workshops, storage, additions, and so much more. Versatile and exceedingly strong, all of our arch buildings are constructed entirely with American sourced steel and are built to last for generations. Protect your car, equipment, supplies, or other property during any season. To learn more, explore our website and photos to see which building type is right for you or call today to speak with one of our expert representatives and set up an on-site consultation.

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