A Premium Steel Arch Building Worth Having

This building was recently erected by a satisfied customer of ours. It was purchased last year, and held in our factory to await the site being ready. The dimensions are 30′ Wide x 40′ Long x 15′ High. It’s a custom arch, with many accessories added on after market. The images below depict just how simple and easy it is to erect a steel building on your property and have it looking ready for anything in such a short amount of time. They also show the leveling process as well as the concrete foundation. All of this was done with the assistance of contractors for the foundation, and the customer building the structure his self. Every arch building comes with an installation guide, that displays the surprisingly simple process behind building a structure of your very own. The customers name will not be mentioned for privacy reasons, but we can assure you that he is extremely satisfied with his Premium Steel Arch Building.

30′ x 40′ x 15′ Premium Steel Arch Building

First, the area was cleared.

Cinderblocks are brought in for the next step; constructing the foundation.
Another view.
The foundation is beginning to take shape.
More foundation work is now visible.
Another view of the foundation work.
The foundation area is filled with dirt and packed level.
Another view of the packed dirt.
Here, concrete is now poured on to the remaining margin of the foundation.
Concrete is finished and level. Cutouts are left for the doors.
The S-Arch has begun to be constructed.
It’s coming along nicely, but that looks like rain in the background!
Here the Arch itself is completed, and visible in the evening light.
Another view of the arch, looks like it’s already been used for some needed relaxation.
The customer’s custom wood frame is being constructed here.
The woodwork is really nice on the end and front wall, we were impressed with the creativity.
Another view of the end wall and it’s windows.
The steel end wall is installed here, with some clear plastic paneling. The pseudo-exposed wood is a very nice touch. 
The end wall woodwork is now present on the outside edges of the front, and the window and door are installed.
Here the same treatment has been completed on the front wall. Great style, echoes wooden barns of the past.
The rear view of the structure, truly a Premium Steel Arch Building worth having. Great work!

Arch Buildings

This building took some forethought, and a little bit of creative gumption but it turned out fantastic. If you feel inspired, or even if you want to take your structure in a completely different way give us a call for a free consultation. If you let us know what you’d like to do our building advisors can get you the arch supplies you need to begin your dream building project today.
As you can see above, the process can be completed in a day or two, even faster if weather permits. It’s not complicated, but any bells and whistles you decide to add on can truly make your structure worth having for a long while. Many of our customers have built entire guest houses, or even primary domains out of arches. Whether you’re in the market to store your hay bales, or entertain the relatives has got you covered. Click here for our builder to begin customizing your structure online, or click here to purchase the exact arch used in the construction of this beauty!

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