Where is the Largest Natural Arch?

Here at Arch Buildings, we specialize in the highest quality steel and engineering available. But on occasion, actually, more often than not mother nature trumps us. The largest natural arch in the entire world is in China. Believe it or not, it was actually spotted on Google Earth. If you’re an adventurer on a budget, Google Earth is a great way to be credited with the discovery of new land masses and forms!
A member of the Natural Arch and Bridge society, Jay Wilbur, was recently credited with the discovery of the arch called Xian Ren Qiao. The photo was a Panoramio, that allowed Wilbur to find the bridge. Google actually shut down the Panoramio service last year around this time, but at the time it was still a valuable resource in terms of scanning the Earth for interesting discoveries.

The Expedition to the Largest Natural Bridge

After Wilbur found the arch an expedition was planned and the crew from NABS set off to officially discover Xian Ren Qiao, also dubbed in English as the Fairy Bridge. Some locals new of the bridge, but had little contact with the outside world, much less a media outlet they could publicize their tourist attraction with. Wilbur and his crew were the original civilized explorers to find the bridge.
Due to it’s location in deep in the mountainous forests of the Guanxi Region, the crew had to float on rafts made of bamboo through the Buliu river in order to reach the Arch. The open area of the arch spans 400 ft. officially making it the largest natural arch in the world. From the bottom of the arch to the water is 230 ft, so nearly a football field in the air.

The Land of the East and Endless Trees

The fact that the largest arch in the world was just recently found only a few years ago, makes China appear as large and mysterious as it is. The entire country is riddled with small villages occupied by citizens not interested in sharing their slice of the world with others. Still intertwined with nature, there isn’t much drive in a lot of these areas to incentivize tourism with marketing campaigns and publicity. The land of the East is endlessly interesting. How many more massive natural arches lurk in the endless trees?

We pride ourselves on our ability to construct steel arches effectively and affordably. We do have to hand it to mother nature, and China for that matter for their amazing structures. The Great wall isn’t a natural structure, but it’s amazing that the world’s largest man made structure as well as natural structure reside in the same country. Hats off to China in that regard.

Mother Nature and Arch Buildings

The arch that still stands in China, free from harm of erosion or the devastation of earthquakes is if anything a testament to the arch. Mother nature knows, the largest structures she can build other than mountains must be engineered, and why not go with the tried and true arch method. Arch Buildings uses the centuries old traditional shape of the arch, but with brand new state of the art engineering unparalleled in the industry. Our crew is made up of industry leading professionals, engineers, and building advisors. Call now for a free consultation to start designing the specifications of your brand new arch building.

A-Series Metal Arch Building

Take a look at our A-series metal arch building as a precursor to the type of service that we offer. Below a proud arch owner poses with his dogs and arch buildings.

A proud owner of a steel arch building displays his property.
As with all of our arch building base-models, our A-series buildings are made of our durable Galvalume and come backed with our 35 year steel warranty. Our A-series arch building is completely leak-proof and it is completely clear span, meaning that you will be able to use 100% of the space that your building provides; there are no trusses or beams to get in the way!

Think the A-series steel arch building is the structure for you? Want someone to weigh the pros and cons versus another model for you? Just have questions or concerns? We’re here to help. Give us a call at 800-398-2724. One of our knowledgeable Metal Building Kit Experts will field your call and assist you in any way that they can. They can also help you place your order over the phone if you’re ready to do so.

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