Steel Arch Buildings at Ohio Dinosaur Exhibit

steel arch buildings, dino trail

If you’re familiar with our blog, you know we love to talk about all of the wonderful uses for our steel arch buildings. From auto garages and workshops to aircraft hangars and agricultural buildings, our steel arch structures can stand up to any task. Lots of our buildings are inevitably used for storage or some type of commercial purpose, but we’re always happy to see a new and unique purpose for our steel arch buildings. Recently, the Lorain County Metro Parks system in Ohio found a creative use for steel arch buildings are we are more than happy to share it with you.

In celebration of their 60th Anniversary, Lorain County Metro Parks decided to take a step back in time with one of their park exhibits.



Designed for the entire family, the Dinosaurs! exhibit at Carlisle Reservation in LaGrange features all sorts of fun and educational activities. The exhibit will span the entire Carlisle Visitor Center and will include an indoor dino discovery area filled with entertaining activities. Children of all ages can learn about dinosaurs and Paleontology with interpretive displays and hands-on exploration of many different artifacts and activities.

Dinosaurs! also includes an outdoor dino trail with interpretive dioramas and a scavenger hunt along the Children’s Discovery Trail. There is also another display on the Short Loop Trail where visitors of all ages can “walk through time”. A fun passenger train is available to escort visitors around the park, and visitors can also walk the trails as they please between tours. Plenty of local food vendors will also be available to keep the whole family happy!

For maps and more information on the exhibit, along with operating hours and available activities, be sure to explore their website!

Dino Trail Tunnels

steel arch buildings, dino trail

For this exhibit, the folks at Lorain County Metro Parks decided to use one of our steel arch buildings to construct visitor tunnels. These tunnels were placed on the trail and decorated to depict a walking timeline of prehistoric periods. These structures serve to break apart the trail experience to give visitors a better understanding of dinosaurs through different periods of history.

In order to build the facades for these steel arch buildings, workers cut and installed plywood arches to the openings of each tunnel. Using sheet insulation from the local hardware store, they then utilized a heat knife (used for cutting foam) to carve and melt the material to fabricate a “stone” facade. These facades were attached to the plywood arches at the entrance and exit of each tunnel using heavy-duty construction adhesive.

steel arch buildings, dino trail

Using only items from the local hardware store, workers were able to easily create a durable facade appropriate for their new dinosaur trail exhibit. This example is a perfect depiction of how easy and affordable it can be to customize your own steel arch building for whatever you may need.

Steel Arch Buildings

If you’re in the market for a durable and versatile structure, look no further than steel arch buildings. Every shelter we manufacture can be completely customized to best fit the needs of each individual customer. With a variety of building styles available, we can cater to any kind of industry or commercial need.

steel arch buildings, dino trail

Call today for more information and to start designing your own custom steel arch building!

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