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From residential to commercial building applications, our buildings are fully customizable and are backed by our industry-leading 35 year warranty. Representatives are standing by to save you thousands over the competition. Give us a call today to learn more.

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It’s never easy to start your own business or expand an existing one, much less in an economy like the one we currently find ourselves in. When you’re looking to create value for your business with new building space, you should make a sustainable choice that will last you and require little to no upkeep. Steel arch buildings are 100% clear span (no, which is perfect for lifting cars and other vehicles to work under. offers a variety of customizable steel arch buildings that offer durability, versatility, and best of all, the affordability of factory direct pricing.Vehicle Repair Shop by

The people behind have been in the steel building manufacturing industry for over 30 years. With knowledge, technology, and best practices in steel buildings at the ready, is quickly becoming the go-to merchant for steel arch building kits. Our kits’ main components are made from our hearty Galvalume (which comes with a 35 year steel warranty) and come complete with top of the line hardware, like our grade 8 bolts. We’re able to send you engineered drawings if you’re in need of a building permit, but make sure to ask for them specifically when you’re placing your order. With your needs in mind, we offer three unique ways for you to receive your arch building kit. Our standard delivery is through our QuickShip program. We also offer factory warehouse pick-up if you’re local to the area, or if you’d simply prefer to transport your kit yourself. Finally, if your steel arch building kit needs to go abroad, our international shipping program is able to get your kit where it needs to go outside the continental United States. As is the case with almost everything about your steel arch structure, the choice is up to you!

If you’re a business owner looking to expand, a hobbyist looking for a new work space or anyone else who has a need for a great steel building to use for vehicle maintenance and repair, has an arch building for you. Give us a call at 800-398-2724; we’d love to speak with you about your needs, answer any questions you may have, send out samples, and we can even help you place your order over the phone when you’re ready.

Please note that the images of repair shops and other buildings on this page and others were sent in by customers like you. They designed and customized their arch building kits to their specific needs. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that a kit that you order from us will look like any given picture. If you have questions about this, please get in touch with one of our customer service representatives at the aforementioned number. Thank you!


With decades of manufacturing experience and thousands of satisfied metal building customers, ARCHBUILDINGS.COM's history has a proven track record of high quality construction, versatile uses, and great customer service. Join the growing list of residential buyers, commercial businesses, and government agencies who trust our brand. We ship buildings as small as 10' wide to 200' wide around the world. If you don't see the building you are looking for using our BuildID system, simply give us a call and we will get you a quote in minutes. Our non-pressure sales people are highly trained to make this a great experience. Thank you for considering a metal structure from ARCHBUILDINGS.COM.

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MORE ABOUT ARCH BUILDINGS is a leader in the metal arch building kit industry. For over 30 years we’ve been manufacturing some of the highest quality steel buildings available on the market, and now we’re bringing you our most popular building models in easy-to-construct kit form for your convenience! Whether you are looking for a garage, carport, agricultural storage area, government building, or something completely different, there is an steel arch kit to satisfy your needs!

Our steel arch building kits are made of our incredibly rugged Galvalume and come backed with our 35 year steel warranty, letting you know that we stand behind our products and that you can too. Our building kits can be painted to match any pre-existing building on your property, and custom-made end walls can be added in to your kit or crafted by you at home for an even more coordinated look. Every metal arch cover that we build is leak-proof and 100% clear span, meaning that you will be able to use every last inch of your building’s space with no beams or trusses getting in your way. Our arches vary in size and can be anywhere from 10’ to 200’ wide. Height is also able to be manipulated; when you order, be sure to know what peak height you’re looking for, as that is a main factor in the size and price of your steel arch building.

We offer our QuickShip Delivery standard with every metal arch building that we sell. This means that as soon as your kit has been fabricated in our factory, we load it onto one of our delivery truck and send it out to you in as few as 10 days of your initial order placement. Please contact us for current scheduling and delivery times. We offer international shipping for those arch buildings that are headed abroad, and we also allow for factory pick-up if you’d prefer to transport your kit yourself, so be sure to let us know what your preference is! If you need a building permit in order to build your arch building kit on your property, let us know. We are able to provide you with engineered drawings that will satisfy any permit requirements. These do not come standard with our steel arch kits, so you will need to request them when you are placing your order.

We love to talk about our metal arch building kits, so if you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak with someone over the phone, give us a call at 800-398-2724. We can answer your questions, walk you through the buying process, and help you place your order if you’re ready. We look forward to hearing from you!

To order your arch building, or to speak directly with our live customer support representatives, call us toll-free at 1-800-398-2724.