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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kits

What is included in my steel arch building kit?

Your kit includes all the major building components and hardware needed to complete the construction of your building. While your kit does not include tools, it does include a list of the tools that you might need for construction. The step-by-step installation guide is also included, providing you a detailed walk-through of the construction process.

What kind of warranty do I get?

All of the building kits that we sell come backed with a 35 year steel warranty.

What are the standard sizes available for steel arch building kits?

The great thing about custom steel arch building kits is that we don’t have “standard” sizes! From 10’ to over 200’, the sizing is up to you. Be sure to test out our kit builder to see some of the options are available to you, and if you are in need of a building that cannot be provided by the kit builder, call our sales department for a custom quote!

I want a kit that looks like the one in this picture (insert picture from our site) – can you do that?

Almost all of the photographs on our site are pictures of steel arch buildings that our customers have designed, ordered, built, and customized themselves. For this reason, they may have additional features or add-ons that we do not provide with our kits. If you have questions about a particular picture, or if you would like to design a building based on a picture and need guidance, please contact a customer service representative!

What is the gauge of the steel used for the kits?

It depends! Our kits range from 14-gauge all the way up to 22-gauge. The size of your structure (length/height) will determine what gauge steel is used for your kit. If you have a size in mind for your structure, head over to our kit builder and select the approximate dimensions that you had in mind. Under that choice, you will see the options for steel gauge of a kit in the size that you have chosen.

What does clear span mean?

All of our buildings are clear span, which means that they offer 100% usable space, from floor to ceiling. More traditional style buildings require beams and trusses around the ceiling to support the roof, but clear span buildings no not need or have them, letting you stack, stow and store unobstructed, all the way up to the top of your structure.

Why an arch building? Are there benefits?

You can read more about arch buildings here, but there are plenty of benefits! Aside from being clear span and offering more available storage space than comparable competitors, arches provide a wonderful classically modern aesthetic that is perfect for any property. Arch building kits are easy to assemble and can easily be lengthened or shortened by adding or taking away single arch pieces. Be sure to browse through the rest of our site to stumble upon other wonderful and unexpected perks!

What is the roof pitch of a building from one of your A-style kits?

The pitch of the roof of our A-style buildings is 3:12.

What are the wind and snow load ratings of your building kits?

Your kits are manufactured specifically for you and will automatically meet any wind and snow load ratings that your area requires. If you have any questions about this, please contact a customer service representative.

Are engineered drawings available so that I can get a building permit?

Yes they are. If you need drawings, be sure to ask your sales rep for them at the time that you place your order, as we do not send drawings out as a standard practice.

What is Galvalume? What are grade 8 bolts?

You can read more about both here, but they are high quality, incredibly durable building components that we bundle together in order to create the best kit we possibly can for you!

Do you have half-arch kits that I can attach to my house/barn/garage/etc.?

We do have half-arch kits available; however we do not currently offer them on our website. To speak with someone about a half-arch building kit, please give our customer service department a call.

Do your kits come with end walls?

Our kits do not automatically come with end walls, but you can certainly add them to your kit for an additional fee! Another great option is to create your own end walls using building materials that match currently existing buildings, or any other materials really. Many of the images of buildings on our website depict end walls that were custom created by our customers.

What if my kit gets damaged when it is being shipped to me?

In our 30+ year history, this has never happened. If, however, your kit *were* to be damaged in transit under our care, we would certainly replace the damaged parts for you.

I lost the instruction manual for my arch building kit! Can I get another?

Yes. Simply contact our customer service department and they will e-mail you an electronic version of your instruction manual, which can be saved to your computer and printed at your discretion.

I decided I want to make my arch building longer and it has already been delivered, is that hard to do?

It isn’t hard at all! With our easy-to-assemble arches, you can easily add-on to previously constructed buildings. Simply extend your foundation, and then give us a call at Let your customer service representative know that you had previously purchased a kit and would like to extend it, and they will take it from there!

Placing an Order

What is the advantage to ordering a kit rather than having my arch building installed for me?

By ordering a do-it-yourself kit, you are saving yourself lots of money! Many companies that offer “free installation” of a structure that you purchase from them simply build the cost of the delivery and installation into your building price. With, there are no hidden fees! What you pay is the true cost of your structure. You also get the peace of mind knowing that your building has been constructed with care. Professional installers often rush through construction jobs in order to make it on to their next site more quickly, overlooking small details that may be important to you! Plus, building your structure yourself is easy, and a lot of fun!

How is my building delivered?

Typically, orders placed inside the continental United States are delivered via our QuickShip trucks. We bundle your kits at the factory and send them out to your installation site. When the truck arrives at your location, you will need to be present in order to offload it.

What is the typical length of time to receive my steel building kit once my order is placed?

Many of our buildigns leave within 10-15 days of ordering your steel arch kit. Please once you place your order our scheduling department will confirm an exact ship date pending current inventory, manufacturing, and current order volume. Your ship-time may vary depending on your location, it may take an extra day or two to get to you. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery times for international shipping, as we use a third party to deliver those kits.

Can I arrange for pickup, or does the kit have to be delivered to me?

Yes, you can arrange for factory pick-up after your structure has been fabricated and bundled. Let your sales rep know that you would like to transport your kit rather than having it delivered, and they will assist you in scheduling a pick-up date.

I need an arch building outside the continental United States, can you deliver it there?

Yes! We offer international shipping to anywhere outside the continental United States. Unfortunately our international shipping does not qualify for QuickShip, but we will still get it out to you as quickly as possible through our third party international delivery service!

What methods of payment can I use?

We accept checks, all major credit cards, and payment through PayPal. If you are purchasing for a business or other organization, we also accept a Purchase Order.

Is financing available?

Unfortunately we do not offer in house financing; however, we do work with PayPal’s Bill Me Later financing service. You can visit their website to learn more about their plan. We do not have any control over Bill Me Later payments or plans.

Installation Info

How difficult is it to put together an arch buildings kit? How many people would I need?

It isn’t difficult at all! We include a great step-by-step guide with the purchase of your kit, so all the information that you need is at your fingertips. We recommend that you have at least two people present to help with the construction of your building kit, but depending on the size of your building, you may potentially need more than that.

Will you install my kit for me?

As we are a company that sells self-install kits, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to install your kit for you. The kits are easy to install, and you should have no problem doing so yourself. If you really do require an installation team to assist in the construction of your kit, you can give one of our customer service reps a call and they can give you a list of unrelated, non-guaranteed installers in your area that will assist you for a fee.

What tools do I need to own already in order to install my kit?

It really depends on the size, style, and type of structure you’re purchasing. Each building kit comes with an instruction manual that includes a complete list of tools and other things that you will need in order to construct your kit. Please refer to that list upon receipt of your kit.

What can I do if I have building questions beyond the instructions that are included with my kit?

We don’t think you’ll run into any problems, but if you do, we offer phone support before, during, and after your purchase. Don’t be shy, give us a call!

What kind of ground can I install my arch building kit on?

We recommend that you install your kit on ground that is level within 3-4 inches for the sake of stability, but ultimately that decision is up to you. You will need to have a proper foundation in order to install your building securely.

Tell me more about the foundation that is needed.

We have more information about foundations here, but to summarize, you will need to pour a foundation and set up an anchoring system in order to best serve your building kit. When you purchase with us, we send you a foundation guide that will help you create the perfect foundation and give hints and tips for extra strength and durability.

Can I build my own end walls?

You certainly can! As previously mentioned, many of our customers choose to create their own end walls as it allows them to match their new buildings to preexisting buildings on their properties. A quick search engine query will turn up plenty of guides on how to build great end-walls, so give that a try!

Your Order / Information

Can I change my order once I’ve placed it?

Yes. You can change your order up until the day that it is shipped. After that, there is unfortunately nothing that we can do to alter what you will receive.

I don’t want to get bounced around from sales person to sales person, do you do that?

Absolutely not. We know it can be stressful making such a big purchase, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Once you have expressed interest in our products and provided us with your name or other information, you will be able to speak with the same sales representative throughout the purchasing process!

How secure is my personal information?

Your personal information is incredibly secure! We value you as our customer, and we would never share any of your information with anyone. We use Starfield SSL to protect data as it is sent over the internet. We never store your credit card information, all credit card orders are passed to our merchant processor.

How do I update my customer information?

If you’d like to stay in touch with via newsletters and update e-mails and your information has changed, please sign-up again for mailings on our website and provide us with your new information. If you have a previous e-mail from us, you have the option of modifying your information by clicking the Change Contact information on the bottom of the e-mail.

Where can I get a promotion or coupon code?

If you’re not already, sign up for our e-mails and newsletters! We periodically put discounts, specials, and clearance buildings in our communications to our subscribers. Also be sure to read our blog regularly, as we will try to post unique promotions there as well.

How do I opt-out of email communication?

On the bottom of all promotional or newsletter e-mails from us, we provide instructions on unsubscribing. You may also be able to simply click the “Unsubscribe” button if it is available.


With decades of manufacturing experience and thousands of satisfied metal building customers, ARCHBUILDINGS.COM's history has a proven track record of high quality construction, versatile uses, and great customer service. Join the growing list of residential buyers, commercial businesses, and government agencies who trust our brand. We ship buildings as small as 10' wide to 200' wide around the world. If you don't see the building you are looking for using our BuildID system, simply give us a call and we will get you a quote in minutes. Our non-pressure sales people are highly trained to make this a great experience. Thank you for considering a metal structure from ARCHBUILDINGS.COM.

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MORE ABOUT ARCH BUILDINGS is a leader in the metal arch building kit industry. For over 30 years we’ve been manufacturing some of the highest quality steel buildings available on the market, and now we’re bringing you our most popular building models in easy-to-construct kit form for your convenience! Whether you are looking for a garage, carport, agricultural storage area, government building, or something completely different, there is an steel arch kit to satisfy your needs!

Our steel arch building kits are made of our incredibly rugged Galvalume and come backed with our 35 year steel warranty, letting you know that we stand behind our products and that you can too. Our building kits can be painted to match any pre-existing building on your property, and custom-made end walls can be added in to your kit or crafted by you at home for an even more coordinated look. Every metal arch cover that we build is leak-proof and 100% clear span, meaning that you will be able to use every last inch of your building’s space with no beams or trusses getting in your way. Our arches vary in size and can be anywhere from 10’ to 200’ wide. Height is also able to be manipulated; when you order, be sure to know what peak height you’re looking for, as that is a main factor in the size and price of your steel arch building.

We offer our QuickShip Delivery standard with every metal arch building that we sell. This means that as soon as your kit has been fabricated in our factory, we load it onto one of our delivery truck and send it out to you in as few as 10 days of your initial order placement. Please contact us for current scheduling and delivery times. We offer international shipping for those arch buildings that are headed abroad, and we also allow for factory pick-up if you’d prefer to transport your kit yourself, so be sure to let us know what your preference is! If you need a building permit in order to build your arch building kit on your property, let us know. We are able to provide you with engineered drawings that will satisfy any permit requirements. These do not come standard with our steel arch kits, so you will need to request them when you are placing your order.

We love to talk about our metal arch building kits, so if you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak with someone over the phone, give us a call at 800-398-2724. We can answer your questions, walk you through the buying process, and help you place your order if you’re ready. We look forward to hearing from you!

To order your arch building, or to speak directly with our live customer support representatives, call us toll-free at 1-800-398-2724.