Hurricane Rated Metal Building – Surviving Hurricane IRMA

Through The Eye of Hurricane Irma, A Steel Arch Metal Building Stands

In this post on Twitter from©RCI_GP, you can see the effects of Hurricane Irma on Saint Martin island in the Atlantic Caribbean as the island took a direct hit of a Category 5 hurricane. This is the largest and potentially the most catastrophic hurricane in recorded history of the Atlantic ocean. The corrugated steel arch metal building is one of few structures left standing even having open end-walls that could catch wind, and even after taking a battering of scattered debris thrown up against the structure from surrounding area.

Our thoughts are with all those in the deadly hurricane’s path. Thanks for capturing this extraordinary footage of the carnage @RCI_GP. The devastation is incredible to witness as captured by this video footage.


How Strong Is A Steel Arch Building?

Hurricane rated metal building remains standing after impact of Category 5 Hurricane Irma.

Steel Arch Metal Building stands through the wrath of Hurricane Irma on Caribbean island of St. Martin – Credit: RCI Guadeloupe @RCI_GP

With living proof of surviving the wrath of Hurricane Irma, the strength of the steel arch metal building is plainly visible. This structure did not include steel end walls which would make the structure even more capable and able to withstand stronger impacts by flying debris. The unique arch style design, premium corrugated steel, and professional engineering of water tight fittings make the steel arch a superior structure for easy to construct shelters with full clear-span use of interior space. Without traditional walls or framing required, the full interior is available for use and storage without any interior support or partition walls required. These quonset hut style buildings can span 20′, 30′, 40′, 50′, 60′, 70′, 80′, up to 100′ wide by any length required by your project specifications.

As with both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey you can never predict when or where a catastrophic disaster will strike. Prepare your home and your business with safety and security of premium steel structures. If you’re able, please always heed any evacuation notices no matter how much protection you have, but you can leave knowing you’ve provided the best security for the items you must leave behind in a steel arch metal building from

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