Controversial Arch to Be Built In New York

Throughout history the arch has always been a symbol of architecture and a marvel of human design. We here at Arch Buildings are standing on the soldiers of giants, namely, the Romans! The Romans built many arches, as did many other cultures throughout history. The special attribute of the arch is that it’s so resilient and strong that it can be used in construction for nearly every type of building. Some buildings are more fondly thought of than others however, and the planned reconstruction of the “Victory Arch” has raised some concerns.


The Victory Arch, A Loss?

Whenever the project of the Victory Arch was first proposed, it was canceled due to it’s history deeply seated in religious groups. The arch is modeled after an arch that stood for 1,800 years in front of the Temple of Ba’al. That arch was destroyed by ISIS in Palmyra. A group of archaeologists are rebuilding the arch in New York City’s Hall Park. The archaeologists believe that the reconstruction is important to history, as the original arch was a pillar of historical knowledge. The original was built by Roman Emperor Septimius Severus. The controversy arises in regards to the temple that the arch was an entrance to, as it was used to worship Ba’al. Ba’al is a pagan god, and was considered a rival to the Hebrew god. In an effort to make some sense of the reasoning the archaeologists are building the structure in New York, they issued a statement:

“There are few cities in the world as much defined by their architecture as New York.  The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge — all symbols of the audacity, strength, technical prowess, diversity and optimism of what Ezra Pound called ‘the most beautiful city in the world.’ It is also a city that has known terrible loss — first and foremost the loss of life, but also the loss of familiar landmarks that helped inform the city’s identity.  The Triumphal Arch, a symbol of resilience in the face of loss, will be a fitting tribute to America’s great metropolis. The arch will stand in City Hall Park, surrounded by buildings adorned with classical features suggesting the common cultural roots of East and West. We hope that you will visit us this fall to consider the relationship between people and the places they inhabit.” Understandably, their statement did not assuage every individual who raised concern as to the symbolism the arch carries, many noted against the arch’s construction because it has more to do with Islamic Extremism and defeating a country that it’s constructed in than anything else.


Go Without the Controversy, Go With Us

We stick with what works, Arch Buildings. Our business is about making sure that the customers get what they need, and have a building for as long as they need it, for whatever it is they need it for! We get emails and phone calls often about the many different uses our customers have bought buildings for. Some of them are used as cottages, homes, business centers, garages, warehouses, and more. If you want to learn more about Arch Buildings, we have many more blogs on the site that display our buildings and their versatility. For example, here’s one that was used as a country music studio.

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